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Stacey McCarthy Real Estate Broker PA & NJ

We started our boutique family real estate firm for two main reasons: 

1. Take care of our clients the way they deserve without corporate or franchise limitations. 

2. Work alongside like-minded professionals dedicated to the people and the communities we serve, not just selling the houses in them.

Buying a house involves so much more than merely finding one for sale. And selling a house is not just listing it. The truth is, a lot of unseen work happens before that settlement day photo next our smiling clients holding a sold sign. We’re a team of dedicated, experienced professionals committed to helping our clients through a complex sale process and beyond. From your initial thoughts of moving to unpacking in your new home, we got you!

We know what it takes to put together an acceptable offer, work through inspections and appraisals, complete township certifications, mortgage requirements, and ultimately get you to the settlement table with the least amount of stress for you. We’re prepared for the challenges homebuying and selling brings because we’re your problem-solvers. We don’t take your purchase or sale lightly. Your goal is our goal! And we have surrounded ourselves with a team of trustworthy and knowledgeable professionals to help you make it across the finish line.

When you choose a McCARTHY REALTOR to handle your real estate transaction you are getting the support of our entire team - your broker (me), mortgage, and title all working together to ensure the process ends with the best possible results. We are real people not corporate investors.

Please reach out to McCarthy Real Estate for a consultation! For additional information call 215-867-4511.

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